Get ready for days of connection. But wait, it has nothing to do with the WIFI. It’s the connection with nature, instead. Once you set foot in El Cuyo, this little town in the Mexican state of Yucatan, you will feel like you have just found the lost charm of the big cities when chatting with the simple, yet kind local people.


The sea breeze, along with the refreshing sound of the palm trees, will carry the most exquisite aromas: from every house’s kitchen with their colorful preparations; and delicious, exotic flavors from the freshness and sweetness of the tropical fruits. You will feel more than welcomed with every local you meet on your way. Finally, you get to our hostel and, if you like, you can choose one of the hammocks in our front yard so you can get a rest before unpacking in your room of choice.

Just imagine that moment while in the hammock, when all your senses will open wide: you will hear the sound of the sea blending with the palm trees, the chirping of the diverse, endemic species of birds that fly the skies of El Cuyo; skies so bright and blue you will think you have never seen before. Suddenly, an exquisite aroma coming from our kitchen mingles in the environment as you attempt to guess which ingredients you get to recognize. You know it’s all coming from our restaurant and as you hold that thought, you’re notified your table is served.

Curious and delighted, you sit before the festival of colors, and the fresh, enticing aromas that surround you. You just don’t know where to start: everything looks so delicious and inviting, and as the flavors start spreading in your mouth, you keep thinking this is beyond your expectations. It feels exotic, yet homemade. You can’t help but thinking that everything is just delicious: the healing, detoxicating sea breeze that makes your chest want to expand in every breath, the sand beneath your feet while you eat (yes, the floor in our restaurant is sand)… a whole indulging experience. As a dessert, freshly-baked brownies will make for a perfect ending, along with fresh-brewed coffee, if you like.
Still on a high, and with a smile on your face (and your soul, if you will), you walk at ease around the premises of Casa Cuyo. You decide the time is right to check your room, and it feels so comfy and nice, that you take an afternoon nap. You wake up a couple hours later, take a refreshing bath and as you leave your room, you have a whole show right in front of your eyes: the sky boasting its infinite shades of orange, yellow, purple… and other colors you wouldn’t even dare to identify. Feeling blissed, you go up the terrace, where you can soak it all in. You take a deep breath, pleased with your vacation choice.

As the sun sets, you have several options: go for a walk in the town to get to know more about its charms, or simply take a good rest in your room for recharging and take on new adventures on the following day. You can also spend the evening at the terrace while we serve you food and drinks and tell you what you can do in El Cuyo, or you can even share with other guests.

What awaits you during the rest of your stay is either adventure or peaceful contemplation: two contradictions that coexist well in El Cuyo, and that only means that you have a wide range of fun and recreation. From visiting “cenotes” and an amazing pink lagoon, to bird-watching and kiteboarding or paddle lessons in our local school; all with the blue sea as a setting. And you can get to experience this all with your favorite company: your friends, your family, your couple, or yourself.