Kiteboarding and Wing Foil in El Cuyo

El Cuyo is a prime destination for wind sports enthusiasts. With its frequent windy days, strong warm winds, side winds, and expansive secluded beaches, this spot is perfect for both advanced and beginner kiters and wing foilers. It’s renowned as one of Mexico and North America’s top locations for learning kiteboarding and wing foil.

The shallow water conditions, along with sandy seabeds, create a safe and confidence-boosting environment for beginners.

For those interested, we provide packages that include accommodation, as well as classes tailored for advanced riders.

El Cuyo Kiteboarding and Wingfoil season

The wind season is from November to August, but the wind is most consistent from February to June. During these months, the thermal winds start around midday (sometimes before) the heat generated from the earth heated by the sun adds up to the normal wind generating a powerful consistent wind.

We have many years of experience with our kiteboarding school in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

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