We had an amazing adventure in this natural pool in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by nature.


From Casa Cuyo, we went to discover and get into this new adventure we were invited to. In order to get to El Cuyo, you have to head for Colonia Yucatan, a town with a successful past as wood exporter. On our way, we could see several ranches, trees on both sides of the road, and go through some sort of green tunnel that is formed, creating a fascinating sensation as if being wrapped by nature.


Once in the ranch, Catalina welcomed us as family and gave us a little tour of her place. Typically, people in this area of Yucatan have cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and other animals. Also, an orchard with fruit trees such as bananas, avocado, mango, tangerine, sapote, lemon, and orange, among others.

After introducing herself, she took us for horseback riding in the jungle, an unforgettable experience.
We also got to see many colorful wild birds, hummingbirds, butterflies and several other little creatures. On a personal note, we suggest you leave your electronic devices aside, for a better appreciation and sightseeing of the surrounding nature: every second of your attention counts.

Heated yet happy about the horseback ride, we headed for the cenote for a refreshing dip. Walking down the stone stairs gives you a sense of mystical nature. Once down in the cenote, we were just amazed; the place is unbelievable, with the hanging lianas, and the sight of the trees and vines of the jungle sending off their branches and roots to soak in the fresh water of the cenote. It is then when you get to understand why the Mayans considered it a sacred place. Its fresh water relieved our heat right away, the great rocks under the water gives you a sense of greatness and a little vertigo at the same time. The sunlight getting in through the great hole is a wonder that can be appreciated both in and out of the water.

Keep in mind that in order to bathe in these waters you must not wear any kind of sunblock or mosquito repellent; pollution in cenotes is a serious matter and many local species -from plants and trees, birds, bigger animals, and us, human beings- depend on these waters for living.

After our refreshing bath in the breathtaking cenote, Catalina took us out to eat several typical dishes of Yucatan. As you may know, the principle of a good meal is to have good quality ingredients and there is no better place to be than in a ranch with an orchard, organic eggs, fresh fruits, freshly cut spices, and handmade tortillas, among others.

We are beyond thankful for eating such fresh food with so much local identity, as well as for the experience of meeting these people, who lead a simple yet pure and authentic lifestyle, and who were kind enough to share this beautiful place with us. We leave with the feeling of having encountered the real Yucatan.