A world where children –like the ones that live here- do not need a tablet, or a cellphone. Because they’re happy just with playing around and run with the sand beneath their feet, and riding a bike with no shoes on.

A place in which they enjoy being outdoors, without lockdowns, surrounded by their loved ones, who give them their full attention, free of distractions.

A place where no one will judge you (nor will you judge) for walking around wearing just sandals, or going barefoot. For letting the wind (instead of a brush) do your hair. For wearing more comfortable, lighter clothes. For not wearing any more makeup that just a nice tan.

A place where you won’t need to go out to party, but rather the party will find you as the vibes and the time demand and hopefully, someone pulls out a guitar and plays some songs, and another one brings some drinks to the party to keep on the improvised gathering.

A place where you come to the realization that life can also be well lived when things happen spontaneously, and that it is okay if there is no plan (and that’s a good plan, too). That sometimes the sea is calm and other times, the wind comes and plays with it and together, they get a good roll (and roll you over). Just like life. And there’s still beauty in that. That you might control some things in life, except the dawn chorus, or the shape of the clouds, and so, you surrender to nature (and your nature) and you become part of it again and you understand that you must take care of it, respect it, and preserve it.

A place where you learn to appreciate the silence, and nature’s cycles and rhythms, where people have become aware and understand that it is their responsibility to protect and preserve the environment; for the people, for the next generations.
A place where abundance is all around: abundance of experiences, of animals of all kinds and sounds, abundance of stillness, good vibes, of being able to enjoy the sea and good weather all year round, and every so often.

A place to live and enjoy the simplicity of just sitting at a table under the shadow of a tree and talk to other folks, and being able to share your world with theirs, and have fun playing some board game, for old times’ sake that seem so far away.